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A blog written by an introverted creative guy, from the art direction side.
Why? You may ask.
Well, two reasons.
First, for the last few years as I’ve worked mostly for agencies as a CD or creative freelancer of some sort or another I’ve babbled on about companies having web-sites that were little more than glorified brochures, conveniently located on the internet. And I might add, advertising agencies were the worst. A static about us page, a page about our staff, a portfolio link of some sort and a “please” contact us page. Given that we, the advertising community, are continually telling our clients how they need an interactive web presence, not a static site we’ve generally done a pretty awful job of setting an example.
And a lot of the time this was for good reason. Cost. For our clients at least, though not for us, as we probably had the resources to update a site regularly.
The reality was the initial expense of getting a site up and running was substantial, and the costs to make pretty rudimentary tweaks were also again: substantial. So, I understand that clients were less than eager to fork over large amounts of cash to agencies to add fresh content every Monday. I get that. I still don’t get why agencies’ sites suck so much but that’s possibly another topic for another day.
So that brings me to my second reason. I finally, a bit late, decided to try building a site with WordPress. I finally figured out WordPress was more than just a blogging tool. It would allow me to build a site, which included a blog component, so there would be fresh content, and I think, that the onerous task of making small “Monday morning updates” may not be that onerous or costly anymore. So now a client or even a small creative shop, like me, can have a web presence that is fresh and re-freshable (yea, I know that’s not a word. I did mention that I was an Art Director first.), on a regular  schedule.
I’m thinking this could be of interest to my clients, both of them, and that it is possible for a small company to have a successful, interactive web presence without winning a lottery.
This is my attempt to try it out.
On my blog, (still having trouble with admitting I have a blog.) I hope to write about advertising things that interest me, and hopefully, you. But, also occasionally I may just write about something cool going on in my garden, or what my dog or cat got up to. What the hell, so far, it’s pretty easy and kind of fun.
[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’][/author_image] [author_info]Ernest Burden. Ernie’s role in the advertising industry has evolved over many years from Production Manager to Art Director to Creative Director. He has held management positions with ad agencies as a Creative Director, Co-Creative Director, or Associate Creative Director since 1996. His work have earned recognition and awards at local, regional, national and international shows.[/author_info] [/author]

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