Your Canadian small business must have a “.com” domain. I beg to differ.

I came across what I consider to be some slightly dated advice most recently, on a website design site, while I was doing a bit of competitive research on small business website design. It had been copied, albeit with a link, from an article on entitled “10 things Every Small-Business Website Needs.”

The reference was a quote by Ron Wright, of Accentrix, and if he was quoted correctly says, “I always recommend the .com domain as users are conditioned to type that extension when they enter a Web address. For non-profits or organizations, I usually recommend using a .org domain for branding purposes, but also recommend having a .com version of the domain in case a user accidentally types the .com address.” Continue reading

The death of typography

I originally wrote this for a LinkedIn post but since I have my own blog now, well, fun! wow!

When did typography die, and more importantly does anyone care?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the initial blow was struck probably in 1984 when a women threw a sledge hammer at a television screen, but blaming technology, and the introduction of a new tool because that’s all a computer really is, for this demise, is a lot like me blaming my golf game on my clubs. Not that that doesn’t happen, it’s just not right.

So, what do I mean by the death of typography and our professions apathetic response?

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This should be interesting, or not.

A blog written by an introverted creative guy, from the art direction side.
Why? You may ask.
Well, two reasons.
First, for the last few years as I’ve worked mostly for agencies as a CD or creative freelancer of some sort or another I’ve babbled on about companies having web-sites that were little more than glorified brochures, conveniently located on the internet. And I might add, advertising agencies were the worst. A static about us page, a page about our staff, a portfolio link of some sort and a “please” contact us page. Given that we, the advertising community, are continually telling our clients how they need an interactive web presence, not a static site we’ve generally done a pretty awful job of setting an example.
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