creative servicesOnly Dead Fish Swim With The Stream provides strategic advertising creative services to advertising agencies, marketing companies and direct clients.

The “Fish Company,” as my friends call it, was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1996 by me, Ernest Burden. It allowed me to work for both advertising agencies as a contract creative resource, but also it allowed me to offer strategic and creative advertising solutions directly to independent companies who prefer a smaller boutique agency relationship.

We, some days the royal “we,” have a history of delivering strategic results-oriented creative solutions which have built sales, increased market share, and strengthened brands, with proven achievements in retail, automotive, travel, tourism, food services, and tech-based environments. The work has earned recognition and awards at local, regional, national and international awards shows and most importantly: while returning impressive results for the client’s brands, products and services.

We have created advertising in almost every media you can name. Everything from business cards, logos, and very basic communications packages for small companies to brand development, and large multi-media campaigns, encompassing print, web, social medias as well as the more traditional avenues of communication: print, radio and television, for large corporations and enterprises. (I think the only thing I can think of off-hand that we’ve never done is an info-mercial, and I’m trying to keep that record intact.)

With many years of experience the company can draw from a large list of professional suppliers and collaborators to effectively match the budget and creative needs of almost any project or client. 
If you would like to discuss a project, large or small, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I’ve also started a small boutique agency with my wife Julie, a skilled Graphic Designer, and my CFO, dedicated to the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs, called Catfish Creative. Yup, the blue stuff is a link. Check us out!

….by Ernest Burden